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STERN Lecithins

Sternchemie has been a reliable partner of numerous German and international enterprises for many years. The emphasis of our work is on the production of lecithin for foods, food supplements, animal nutrition and technical processes. Since the use of crude lecithin in industrial processes is limited by its fluctuating composition, Sternchemie has developed standardized and modified lecithin qualities that are both uniform in their effects and adjusted precisely to different industrial requirements. Thanks to our years of experience in applications technology we can also offer our customers the special service of “custom-made solutions”.


BergaBest MCT Oil

There are not many vegetable oils that play such a powerful double role as the special active oil MCT. On the one hand it is a functional oil with a wide range of action as an additive: releasing agent, glazing agent, viscosity regulator, carrier and transportation aid. On the other hand it has considerable significance in human nutrition. Instead of being stored as depot fat in the tissues it is metabolized in the liver and converted into energy. This means that it is easily digested and does not raise either the blood lipid or cholesterol level. Its applications are correspondingly diverse: in baby food, dietetic foods and products for athletes.


SternRed Red Palm Oil

SternRed is a product line made from untreated, vitamin-rich red palm oil. Using a physical refining technique, our Malaysian partners produce the vegetable oil SternRed without chemical modification of any kind. The low temperatures in this process do not destroy the vitamin E and carotenoids contained in the oil. The oil has a diversity of applications, e.g. in margarine, bakery products, sauces and fats for frying.


SternCream Coconut Milk, spray-dried

SternCream is a spray-dried coconut milk powder. Thanks to a modern production method it contains a larger proportion of natural coconut milk than other, similar products. This ensures an intensive and characteristic flavour.


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