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Nature is full of wonders. Lecithin is one of them.

Egg yolk, soybeans, sunflower seeds, mother’s milk, and heart, liver and nerve cells all have one thing in common: Very high concentrations of lecithin. Lecithins are phospholipids, made up primarily of fatty acids, glycerine, phosphoric acid and choline. Lecithin performs important functions both in natural organisms and in the food industry. Physiologically, it stabilizes cell membranes and stimulates metabolic activity. Techno-biologically, it is an emulsifier and dispersant.

Lecithin is

  • All-natural
  • Found in all vegetable oils

In the human body, lecithin helps:

  • Stabilize cell membranes
  • Support metabolic functions
  • Boost mental and physical performance

In the food industry, lecithin is

  • An excellent emulsifier and dispersing agent
  • A good separating agent
  • An anti-spatter additive for fats, margarines and light margarines
  • An anti-oxidant that helps food stay fresh longer
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