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What makes lecithin so special? Its multifunctionality.

Sternchemie is known for its innovations, and for constantly searching for the right solutions for specific customer needs. In addition to pure lecithin, we offer a wide range of special lecithins, with properties that are precisely tailored to the requirements of each application.

SternPur – de-oiled pure lecithin

Powdered or granulated pure lecithin is ideal as a functional additive for many foods. This flavour-neutral powder is made by removing the oil from the liquid lecithin, resulting in a powder with a high acetone-insoluble content and excellent emulsifying qualities.

  • Suitable for nutritional supplements, baked goods, pasta, chewing gum

SternFlow – lecithin on carrier

Powdered products are best enriched with a free-flowing lecithin. By combining liquid lecithin with dry, powdery carrier substances, we create a highly functional lecithin that customers can easily and economically mix into their products.

  • Suitable for baked goods, bake mixes, ready-to-use flours

Yellothin, LeciStar S/R, SternFine – standardised liquid lecithins

Standard lecithin is easier than raw lecithin to mix into liquid foods. We ensure consistent quality by tuning the raw lecithin’s viscosity and other characteristics.

  • Suitable as a standard emulsifier for many foods

SternPhil H – hydrolysed lecithin

Hydrolysed lecithin has improved oil-in-water emulsifying abilities. To make this easily dispersible lecithin variant, standard lecithin is hydrolysed with the enzyme phospholipase, for improved solubility in water.

  • Suitable for baking fats, baked goods, margarine and low-fat margarine

SternInstant– sprayable lecithin compound

SternInstant, our sprayable lecithin compound, is perfect for instantising and as a separator. It has low viscosity and is declaration-friendly, and also has dust-binding properties.

  • Suitable for powdered milk and cacao, and all other powdered products in need of improved solubility, and as a separating agent.

Sunflower lecithin, the GMO-free alternative
With soy there is a high risk of GMO contamination. Sternchemie customers can be sure of getting only lecithin that meets applicable EU requirements. We are nevertheless always looking for alternatives. Since there are no genetically modified sunflower varieties, in recent years we have invested in production, storage and contacts with oil mills that process only sunflower seeds.

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