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BergaBest MCT Oil for food

  • adjusts viscosity
  • acts as a carrier and transport vehicle
  • adds gloss to surfaces
  • acts as a solutizer
  • protects against drying out and discolouration
  • standardizes mixtures
Product Application Effect
ethereal oils,
Dispersion of ingredients in flavouring preparations and compounds
  • Acts as a solutizer
  • Carries and transports fat-soluble components
  • Standardizes mixtures
Colorants Dispersion of ingredients in colorant mixtures, emulsions and powders
  • Acts as a solutizer
  • Carries and transports fat-soluble components
  • Standardizes mixtures
Vitamin preparations Dispersion of ingredients in fat-soluble vitamin mixtures
  • Acts as a solutizer
  • Carries and transports fat-soluble components
Glazing and sealing agents for sugar confectionery Basic emulsion for use on sugar confectionery (chocolate dragees, chocolates, jellies, gums, boiled sweets, panned sweets etc.)
  • Maintains the surface sheen
  • Protects against drying out
  • Protects against discolouration
  • Helps to prevent stickiness
Releasing agent Constituent of releasing preparations
  • Releases baked products of all kinds from moulds, tins and conveyor belts
  • Releases pasta from conveyor belts
Coating agents for dried fruit Coating oil for treating dried fruit
  • Forms a protective film to prevent exudation of fructose
  • Prevents the fruit from sticking together
Spices and condiments, herbs Dispersion of ingredients in spice and herb mixtures
  • Acts as s solutizer
  • Disperses the individual components evenly
  • Standardizes mixtures
Frozen foods Coating emulsions for frozen foods and similar applications
  • Adjusts the viscosity of sauce emulsions
Highly viscous oils Viscosity regulator
  • Adjusts to the desired (lower) viscosity
Instant products Constituent of instantizing aids
  • Disperses the emulsifiers in the instantizing aid
Hygroscopic / spray-dried powder mixtures Hydrophobing aid
  • Ensures the free-flowing properties of the powders
Meat products Wetting of artificial casings in the manufacture of meat and sausage products
  • Facilitates filling of the meat mixture
Machine lubricant for extruders Nozzle lubricant for pellet production (e.g. for salty nibbles)
  • Forms a stable, even, natural oil film
Machine lubricant for food production Combined with long-chain oils or waxes and emulsifiers
  • Replaces lubricants based on mineral oils
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