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SternRed – Red Palm Oil

SternRed is a product range of 100 % natural, vitamin-rich red palm oils. Our Malaysian cooperation partners use a patented physical refining process to produce a virgin palm oil with no chemical modification. The low temperature of the process leaves the oilís natural carotenoids and vitamin E complexes intact. The oil thus retains its characteristic red orange colour and natural resistance to oxidation.

SternRed is a natural alternative to synthetic colours, and can be used to give a yellow colour to many food products. It is declaration-friendly, with no E-number.

In addition, the high concentration of tocotrienols and tocopherols helps to extend the shelf-life of frying fats.

SternRed is RSPO SG certified, kosher and halal. On request we will provide the appropriate documentation. Our quality management system is ISO 22000:2005 certified including HACCP.

Benefits of SternRed Palm oil:
  • Colour stability:

  • Heat stability:

  • Vitamin content:

  • Declaration-friendly:

  • Natural oil:

  • Shelf-life:

  • Flavour:

  • Genetic modifications:

  • Sustainability:

  • High

  • High

  • Natural source of carotenoids and vitamin E

  • Vegetable oil

  • No trans-fatty acids

  • 24 months from production date in original container

  • Neutral/typical

  • Non-GMO vegetable oil

  • RSPO SG-certified

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