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SternRed – Red Palm Oil for Food

Average dosing:
0.3–0.5 %
SternRed P
Palm Oil
SternRed PO
Palm Olein
SternRed PSO
Palm Super-Olein
Baking fat
Bread spreads, soft butter
Deep-frying fat, 2-3 % dosing
Baked goods
Waffles, ice cream cones
Snacks such as crackers
Baking ingredients
Pasta products
Ready to eat foods
Diet foods
Desserts, ice cream
Potato products such as fries, chips and crisps
Fillings and glazes for further processing
Basic products for beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), fruit preparations
Sauces, marinades
“Spice mixes” for Asian foods and sauces
Salad oils and dressings
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