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SternCream a modern production process
for maximum purity and quality

SternCream coconut milk powder is made solely from selected, ripe fruits. The first step after harvesting is to remove the shell, then the flesh is washed, chopped and pressed. The extracted coconut milk is filtered twice to ensure absolute purity. No artificial preservatives, colorants or flavourings are added. High-quality carriers (maltodextrin and sodium caseinate) combined with careful pasteurization and followed by a well-controlled spray-drying process ensure consistent top quality and a shelf-life of at least 24 months. A team of food technologists supervises and controls the entire production process from receipt of the raw materials to packaging. The product therefore meets the requirements of the HACCP system and ISO 22000.

The result is a valuable, natural product which preserves the characteristic flavour and the typical properties and nutrients of coconut milk.

Additional quality control of the coconut milk powder is carried out by Sternchemie. Representative samples are taken from each lot received and analyzed by a certified laboratory according to microbiological and chemical standards.

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