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October 2015

Food Ingredients Europe 2015

Sternchemie presents broad range of sunflower lecithins

Sonnenblumenlecithin Sternchemie, an international supplier of lecithin for over 30 years, will present new sunflower lecithins for demanding applications at FIE 2015 in Paris (Stand 6F29). Other specialities of the company are red palm oil, in high demand as a natural food colouring, as well as coconut milk power for cold and hot dishes, baked goods and confections. Multifunctional MCT oils made in the company’s own facility in Malaysia round out the product range.


July 2014

Improved liquid lecithins for pure flavour

New sunflower lecithins feature top application properties

Sonnenblumenlecithin The rapid increase in the amount of GMO soy under cultivation has led to more and more uncertainty concerning supplies of IP soy lecithin. Consequently, the demand for sunflower lecithin as an alternative has grown steadily for the last few years. In some application areas, this has challenged sunflower lecithin to meet quality demands that up until now only IP soy lecithin could fulfil. Sternchemie, an internationally leading manufacturer and supplier of lecithin, has added new sunflower lecithins to its product range that meet the highest sensory demands in terms of colour, smell and taste.


February 2013

Sternchemie takes lead role

RSPO-certified MCT oil for food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

RSPO-certified MCT oil Sternchemie, one of the world’s leading producers of MCT oil, now offers RSPO-certified MCT oil. As part of its commitment to sustainability, the company has undertaken to comply with the principles and criteria of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) and worked intensively with its raw materials sources to build a supply chain for certified palm oil and palm kernel oil.


February 2013

Declaration-friendly, vitamin-rich, easy to use.

Red palm oil: A natural colorant with added value

Red Palm Oil as natural colorant Health, convenience and sustainability are key trends in the food market, which researchers expect to continue to gain in importance. So it’s no wonder that more and more manufacturers are...


January 2013

New plant for the production of deoiled lecithin in Singapore

deoiled, soy lecithin Berg + Schmidt invests in the first lecithin deoiling plant in South-East Asia – New location in Singapore provides better use of logistic advantages of raw materials and exports.


May 2012

Sternchemie tests have shown

Sunflower lecithin is an attractive alternative to IP soy for baked goods

baking goods Lecithin offers key benefits in baking: As an emulsifier, it makes dough more amenable to machine runability, by binding powders to fat and water better. By homogenising the distribution of fat, it allows reduced fat content, since without lecithin it would be necessary to use more fat to get a good dough consistency. Soy lecithin is usually used to for these purposes, but is coming under criticism due to the rapid increase in cross-contamination between GMO and GMO-free IP soy. Through tests in its own pilot bakery, Sternchemie has now demonstrated that in many applications, sunflower lecithin can be a very good alternative to soy lecithin.


November 2011

Successful trials with dark and milk chocolate

Standardised sunflower lecithin – virtually no flavour differences in chocolate

Sonnenblumenlecithin Lecithin is indispensable in the making of chocolate. A natural emulsifier, with just short conching it gives a homogeneous, low-viscosity chocolate mass that is relatively easy to work and melts gently. Lecithin reduces fat blooming, increasing the product’s shelf-life. It also offers cost benefits, since with lecithin up to eight percent less cocoa butter is needed. Sternchemie, an international supplier of lecithins, has now once again shown in trials that sunflower lecithin is a viable alternative to IP soy lecithin for chocolate manufacture.


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